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Empowering organizations to transform employees' lives.

Develop happier and more productive people with our expert support and data driven results. 


Why Smartfit

Smartfit offers the latest innovative technology, proven coaching methods, and documented results. We provide the structure, systems, and scheduling which lead to long-term success. Clients practice skills in nutrition, exercise, change management, stress management and sleep quality to achieve their personal wellness goals. Continued guidance and support accountability from our dedicated coaching team provides the tools for change that lasts.

Latest fitness assessment technology

Data driven results

PNOE is a clinical grade metabolic analyzer with AI software that offers actionable insights for your fitness  and nutrition.


Styku is the leading 3D imaging technology providing measures of chronic disease risk, bone density, body fat and lean mass percentages.  

Proven coaching method

Long term success skills

Poor sleep, overwhelming stress, and inadequate recovery are often the REAL reasons people struggle to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Precision Nutrition program provides the knowledge, tools, and skills to overcome client's biggest barriers to eating better, moving more, and feeling pride in their health and fitness.

Custom platform & expert support

Individualized support as needed

Smartfit's easy-to-use online platform and dedicated coaching team provide the guidance, support, and accountability to succeed. Developed to bring boutique, personalized life-changing lifestyle coaching to organizations via group and one-on-one coaching, providing the support our clients need when they need it.


Our Story

After almost 2 decades in corporate IT and personally experiencing the health challenges associated with a high stress corporate profession, Aaron Guttman left the corporate world to found a health & wellness practice with the purpose of helping others gain the adaptations of better health and improved mobility from exercise, nutrition, and behavioral change in order to improve their quality of life. Since 2014, many of Aaron's clients have reversed lifestyle-based chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Improved mobility and the reduction or elimination of pain has also been achieved by many clients by practicing corrective exercise protocols and improving nutrition. 

As our new studio doors were opening in 2020, the virus hit. At that time, it became Aaron's mission to deliver the same high quality health and wellness coaching and support solutions online.

Leveraging skills he never thought he'd use again, Aaron applied his 17 years of experience in IT to create a proprietary platform which would allow him to support clients remotely. Easy to use, highly functional technology along with expert experienced coaching  provided a winning combination!

Getting up to speed on the latest technologies included identifying cutting edge assessment devices to identify measureable KPIs. The combination of these measurement tools, the technology platform and Smartfit's high quality coaching support has created a highly successful individually targeted health and wellness system built to empower organizations to improve their employees' happiness and well being.    

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