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Three accomplished wellness professionals drawn together by a passion for coaching healthy aging and improved balance and mobility. Learn how a coordinated combined approach to fitness can be a more complete, effective and enjoyable solution for you.


Aaron Guttman

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Exercise Nutrition Coach

Founder Guttman Fitness, LLC

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Michael Celeste

Tai Chi Instructor


Ancient Fighting Arts

Martial Arts School


Hollye Richardson

Yoga Instructor

Healthy Aging Specialist

Our Backgrounds

Aaron Guttman CPT, CES, PN1

Founded Guttman Fitness, LLC 2014

National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Senior Fitness Certified

Youth Exercise Certified

Women's Fitness Certified

Precision Nutrition

Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Certified Coach

Guttman Fitness, LLC

Established 2014 


Randolph High School

Varsity Conditioning Coach

Guttman Fitness LLC was founded in 2014 by Aaron Guttman, with the purpose of helping others gain the adaptations of health and improved mobility from exercise, nutrition, and behavioral change in order to improve the quality of life. In many cases clients have reversed chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and have reduced or eliminated pain and improved mobility. With a passion for good food and simple kitchen solutions, I enjoy sharing meal prep ideas with clients.

Early in my practice working with clients I often found limitations in movement such as pain and lack of range of mobility preventing or slowing progress toward a higher goal. Learning and practicing Corrective Exercise to restore balance, strength, function and mobility was a game changer empowering me as a trainer to help clients learn about these specific issues with their bodies and how to manage them.

I discovered a passion for working with people that have mobility challenges. Clients started coming to me for post physical therapy functional rehabilitation. I am proud to report that Kessler Physical Therapy has approved me as a recommended trainer for post physical therapy training and functional reconditioning.

As I continued to develop my western style sports medicine protocols in order to help clients improve health and quality of life as we age, my research led me to Tai Chi. Simply put, it is exercise designed for the purpose of health and healthy aging and its a pleasure to do! I searched for an instructor that teaches Tai Chi the correct and traditional way. The fitness industry has watered down the practice of Tai Chi. We need the real thing. I found a wonderful instructor, Michael Celeste who owns Ancient Fighting Arts martial arts school in Mt. Arlington. It became clear very quickly that we both provide coaching support to those seeking healthy lifestyle, quality aging and post physical therapy rehabilitation. Together we could do more for our clients than alone. East meets West.

I met Maryanne Mecca through a mutual client who had great success. We met and learned how complimentary our practices are and why our client obtained such amazing results. Using western style sports medicine strategically and combining with tai chi and or yoga taught us that the east meets west solution is a holistic innovation.

Our innovation, a more complete approach to training blends the best of both worlds and benefit our client by making the positive results of exercise more attainable and making exercise more pleasurable. The Tai Chi Plus program is our proprietary innovation that includes a wellness program that is good for aging seniors and healthy lifestyle folks, as well as a fitness program for increased vitality and physical performance which is perfect for post physical therapy reconditioning clients and those who are looking to get into the best shape of their lives!

Michael Celeste

Tai Chi Instuctor

Michael Celeste is the owner and instructor at Ancient Fighting Arts. A traditional Chinese martial arts school established in 1997. He has taken over the operation and instruction of the school since 2016. He has studied, competed, and taught Tai Chi Chuan for the last 15 years. He teaches the complete art of Tai Chi Chuan which includes not only the empty hand forms but also push hands, traditional weapons, and self-defense aspects of the art as well.​

Maryanne Mecca

Yoga Instructor

After practicing yoga for over 25 years, Maryanne decided to take the plunge and become a yoga instructor.   She studied with Joschi International in NYC and earned her RYT 200 certification in 2015.  From there, she went on to complete her RYT 300 with Omni Kitts Ferrara and Yoga Mechanics in Montclair, NJ.  But Maryanne's quest for knowledge and experience did not stop there.  She went on for additional training in an area that was close to the heart: yoga for healthy aging.  Maryanne is a mature adult, the mother of four kids and grandmother of three.  She has always lived an active life that included, aside from yoga, hiking, skiing, biking and golf.  Yoga was always the glue that held it all together.  She joyously went to Kripalu and completed yet another intensive training,"Yoga for Seniors", and earned another 40 hours of instruction.  Since then Maryanne has continuously taken many classes and intensives on the bio-mechanics of yoga and studied under a variety of "yoga-lebrities".  She teaches in a variety of venues throughout Morris County, has had her own studio, and enjoys teaching private lessons as well.  Her focus is on balance and strength for older adults.  Her style has evolved to a practice she calls "Western Reformed Yoga".  Try it and you will see.  It's accessible, strong, and totally adaptable to all body types and levels of fitness.  Fun yet challenging!  



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