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Today's health and wellness challenges are very different from just a short time ago. Social isolation and stress has become a big threat to our physical and mental well being. My practice was founded 7 years ago on the principal of coaching exercise and nutrition for physical and mental health, mobility and mood support. 

In response to the current crisis this platform has been updated to provide remote coaching, free group classes and videos, and be a source of positive community support.

Together we are strong!


Specializing in:

Healthy Lifestyle
Senior Fitness
Post Physical Therapy Functional Reconditioning
Remote or in Person
Private One on One
Family Fitness
Small Group
Large Group
Post Physical Therapy Functional Reconditioning
Personal Training
Tai Chi (with Michael Celeste)
Yoga (with Hollye Richardson)
Healthy, Quick and Satisfying Meal Preparation
Healthy Habit Building
Behavior Change
Community Support
General Services
Programs Available Online!

Custom exercise and nutrition for the purpose of health and optimizing mental and physical performance. Great for all ages!

Enjoyed by Seniors, Healthy Lifestyle and Post Physical Therapy clients. Blend of Personal Training and Tai Chi for optimal mobility.

Industry leading success rate. Habit based approach to nutrition. Practice what you learn in a structured curriculum personalized for you. Nutrition education, change psychology and LIVE coaching using our app.

Over 50? Get in the best shape of your life and maintain it!​ Learn and practice the protocols for anti-cognitive decay, minimize pain with Corrective Exercise and more!

Get Strong! Stay Strong! Together!

FREE At-Home

LIVE Online

Classes and Workshops!

FREE Online LIVE Wellness Program

  • Tai Chi with Michael Celeste

  • Senior Fitness - Breathing, Posture, Balance

  • Chair Yoga Ages 50 and up with Hollye

  • Private Health and Fitness Consultation

  • Receive Your Personalized Nutrition Guide

  • Develop Your Action Plan

  • Nutrition and Cooking Classes & Workshops

  • Positive Community Support

"Motion Changes Emotion"
Feel Better!

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Community Wellness
Crisis Response

How it Works

  1. Each client is provided a private assessment and consultation to establish personal priorities and goals via phone or Zoom.

  2. Using this information a personalized program is created using one or many of the services offered.

  3. Access to Group Classes and Workshops are included with the free subscription including Tai Chi for All, Chair Yoga, as well as Senior Fitness with a focus on breathing, posture, balance as well as leg and grip strength.

  4. Remote coaching is facilitated by industry leading software. Clients enjoy a blend of live sessions along with the video homework support custom to them. 

  • Improve health
  • De-stress!
  • All ages
  • Fun to do!

Together we are strong!

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